Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors considers it to be its primary responsibility to represent and advance the interests of Shareholders and to protect the interests of all stakeholders of Peter Warren Automotive Holdings, considered as a whole. To fulfil this responsibility, the Board oversees the management of the Business by, among other things:

Determining the strategic direction and objectives of Peter Warren Automotive Holdings and approving its annual business plans and budgets; and
monitoring the Businesses achievement of these goals, including in particular its operational and financial position and performance.
The Board has developed and adopted a framework of corporate governance policies and practices, risk management practices and relevant internal controls that it believes are appropriate for Peter Warren Automotive Holdings, and that are designed to promote the responsible management and conduct of the Group.

To download and view our corporate governance policies and charters, simply click on the links below:

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
Audit and Risk Committee Charter
Board Charter
Board Skills Matrix
Code of Conduct
Corporate Governance Statement
Disclosure Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
People and Remuneration Committee Charter
Securities Trading Policy
Shareholder Communication Policy
Whistleblower Policy